All Natural Cold Process Soap Course: intermediate

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herbal soap making-12
herbal soap making-12


Now that you have made soap successfully in part 1: the basics (kudos!) we can start getting really creative! In part II, you will start playing with all of the fun additions you can add to your soap to make it truly unique. In this intermediate all natural soap course you will strengthen your grasp on soap chemistry, and saponification values (and how to determine them on your own). You will also learn individual oil and butter profiles, and natural additions to your soap for sent, color, texture, and preservation.

This course is designed for the soap connoisseur, or anyone who is interested in evolving from a hobby soap maker to someone who may want to start a small business selling their soap creations.


  • Comprehensive supplies list for soap making success.
  • Understanding saponification from a chemical perspective.
  • Strengthening your grasp of mathematic equations to determine saponification values.
  • How to formulate your own unique soap recipe from scratch.
  • Additional ingredients guides to incorporating natural scent, color, and texture to your soap.
  • A step-by-step video guiding you on how to incorporate the above principles.
  • Toubleshooting guide for when things go wrong – practice makes perfect!

This course is a multi-media smörgåsbord of pre-recorded videos, slides, and text, that allow you to set your own pace.


This is when soap goes from awesome to artisan. Learn how to infuse your raw ingredients with herbs, and work with more complex ingredients like milk, honey, wax, and more!

Course Features

  • Lectures 16
  • Quizzes 0
  • Skill level Intermediate
  • Language English
  • Students 64
  • Certificate No
  • Assessments Yes

Colleen Bingham Solis, a California native, began developing her first products as a young child, mixing and combining the soaps and perfumes she found in cupboards.

Always a nature enthusiast, Colleen spent most of her childhood playing in the waves at the breach or on adventures with her family touring the country's state parks in their camper.

Then, in 2010, Colleen began studying Herbalism, and instantly plugged in to a community and consciousness that reflected her love of nature and wellness. She signed up for her first herbal studies class, made her first batch of skin care products, and began her journey as a product formulator and herbalist. Colleen's knowledge of holistic health and wellness fused with her topical formulations resulting in the development of Poppy Botanicals.

Colleen is now a Certified Herbalist, instructor at The California School of Herbal Studies, contributing writer at the Herbal Academy, and herbal product developer and consultant for cosmetic companies nationwide. Herb Nerd is a culmination of her passion for her craft and her love of teaching.

Herb Nerd upholds her vision to provide a fun, interactive, and informative learning space in the fields of Herbalism and Natural Cosmetic Formulation. Our goal is to make this information accessible to every type of learner, while providing our students with the mathematic and scientific tools to convert this information into innate knowledge to last a lifetime.


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