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Herbalism is founded on the principles of environmentalism: the Earth is our home, it grows organic matter that our bodies recognize as food and medicine, the more we can reconnect to this organic rhythm, the more we will flourish.

Herbalism empowered me to reclaim ownership of my health; it taught me the ancestral stories of how plants heal; it evolved how I interact with nature.

It starts with an intuition, a desire to tap into an ancient wisdom. It is an echo from your ancestors. It starts with a love of nature and the outdoors; with working with your hands.

Perhaps it is the welcoming community of fellow plant loving herb nerds! Or maybe you have no idea whatsoever why you're here...but here you are.

Anyone can be an Herbalist.


Formulation is a method of invention, using set parameters known to create desired results, while still allowing for modifications to the individual ingredients. Created by the cosmetic chemist industry, formulation is now reinvented by natural cosmetic formulators using safe, non-toxic, and naturally derived ingredients.


Perhaps you are already aware of the “green washing” happening in the natural beauty space: Cosmetic chemists are scrambling to stay relevant as the beauty industry demands natural products. But organic and natural ingredients are foreign to these chemists, so they use their same chem-heavy formulas with the addition of a few natural extracts and package it to look the part, while the majority of the ingredients contained within remain known and proven carcinogens.

Mastering the art and science of natural product formulation gives you the power to ensure the quality and safety if your products. You can plug your desired ingredients, scents, and homemade extracts into formula sheets of your own design; you will have the freedom to produce anything you can dream up, in your desired batch size, time and time again.


In support of the ever-evolving alternative healthcare space (and because this is how my brain works), Herb Nerd is here to emphasize the science of why plant medicine works. This is what makes Herb Nerd special. We are bridging concepts, tradition, intuition, and science for a holistic learning experience.

PLUS, there is no other program out there specializing in learning Herbalism for use in cosmetic formulation. This is a rapidly growing space in the beauty industry, and Herb Nerd will teach you how to carve your niche in the the Herbal Beauty sector.

Herb Nerd is here to educate and empower you. If you are looking to make safe products for yourself and your family, we got you! If you are hoping to develop a line of natural beauty products with integrity, Herb Nerd will teach you how to build your formulas from the ground up. As an Herb Nerd student, you will develop your own herbal tool kit, design your own unique topical and internal herbal and beauty formulas, and be trained to determine quality ingredients.

Join me as together we become
a legion of HERB NERDS!!


Herb Nerd is here to provide a fun, interactive, and informative learning space in the fields of Herbalism and Natural Cosmetic Formulation. Our goal is to make this information accessible to every type of learner, while providing our students with the mathematic and scientific tools to convert this information into innate knowledge to last a lifetime.